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Why Mac won't rip Prometheus to make a digital copy?

Prometheus DVD has been released on October 9, 2012, but you may get frustrated when your Mac won't rip Prometheus to make a digital copy. Why can't copy Prometheus DVD to Mac? This article can show you some possible reasons, find your problem and solve it. A solution will also be provided for your reference.

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When you can't rip Prometheus to make a digital copy, you should check other DVDs. If all other movies can, but this DVD can't play on Mac, the DVD could be protected. "DVD region codes are a digital-rights management technique designed to allow film distributors to control aspects of a release, including content, release date, and price, according to the region." (from wikipedia). There are six different official regions. DVD discs sold in a given place can't play in a different region. Most of the DVDs discs sold by Amazon.com are encoded for Region 1 and may not work in other countries. More information about the Region codes and countries, you can refer to : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_region_code.

In different regions, the Prometheus DVD release date differs, October 9 in US, and September 7 in Germany. Make sure you have got the right region code disc for your player.Besides, the video standard is another factor. The two most common ones are NTSC, in North America and most of South America, and PAL, mostly used outside of those areas. If any disc that is indicated as PAL, it won't play in the United States and naturally Mac won't rip Prometheus to make a digital copy.

If you want to rip protected DVD and make a digital copy, you have to use a third party software. Magic Mac DVD Ripper can help you not only rip Prometheus DVD, but also convert the DVD to any other formats you want to play on other devices such as Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, etc.


You can convert any DVD to a format or device you want from the list of Profile (most video formats are supported), and click Start to begin the process.

can't rip Prometheus DVD

If you can't rip Prometheus to make a digital copy, please download Magic Mac DVD Ripper and have a try right now, other than some open-source hacks that don't work very well and aren't as easy to use.

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