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How to rip and split DVD into separate segments with Magic DVD Ripper for mac

For Magic users who are confused about how to rip and split DVD into separate segments on Mac, they can follow this article and clarify more features to use Magic Software.


Magic DVD Ripper for Mac enables the feature for splitting DVD into custom clips or chapters. Before we get started to rip and split DVD, please download and install Magic DVD Ripper for Mac program. Then go ahead and do in the following steps.


Step 1: Import DVD file into program. To do this operations, you can open the program and insert the DVD disc, then wait for the program analyze the DVD files. If failed, click "Refresh" to load again. Or you can also click the Open button to choose the DVD file to load from the DVD drive manually.

load dvd file for dvd split into clips with Magic DVD Ripper for mac

Step 2: Select the destination and the output profile such as MP4. You can set more advanced options to improve the output quality by clicking the gear button beside the Profile or Destination.

Set output and destination to rip and split dvd on mac

Step 3: Set the split mode. There are three options for split setting and the default is Infinite, which means if you only selected one title, no video clips will be output. Note if you selected more than one title, the output in Infinite mode will be divided into multiple segments corresponding to the selected titles. The other two options are modes of splitting by chapters and custom.


If you choose to split by chapter, the ripped DVD video output such as MP4 here will be split into separate segments according to the DVD chapters.

Choose the Split dvd mode for ripping dvd- by charter and custom

If you choose to split with custom mode, you have to type the specified video size of split, such as 600 MB here, each of output will be less than or close to 600 MB.

Set custom split mode settings for ripping and splitting DVD into separate segments

Step 4: After all of the above settings are done, go to rip the DVD and you will find the split DVD video files in the destination folder when the ripping job is completed.

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