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How to Split DVD by Chapters on Mac

Rippers or converters can convert certain DVDs into various formats, but you may wonder if the DVD needs to be separated into a few splits, e.g. a few chapters corresponding to the setting of DVDs, how can you operate and get the ripped version with ease? This article aims to introduce you how to split DVD by chapters on Mac. Following the steps below, a perfect ripping can be easily achieved.

To fulfill this ripping job, you need to free download Magic DVD Ripper for Mac firstly. Then, you just install it and shut down other running decryption programs to avoid software conflict.

Step 1. Launch Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, inserting the DVD that needs to be splited.

Step 2. You can see such an interface as shown below. If the program failed to detect the source file, you just hit "Refresh" to make the program reload, or you can also hit "Open" to set the source manually.

split DVD by Chapters on Mac - setting

Step 3. Tick the title you need to operate on. Set some specific features such as audio, subtitle and filename.

Step 4. Set a proper profile for the ripping. If you want to watch the DVD on Mac or other Apple devices, you can choose "mp4" as the profile.

Step 5. Set the destination directory.

Step 6. You should select the split mode, and your wish is to split DVD by chapters, the suitable mode is therefore "By Chapter", just select it, then hit the big dark button to let the program begin its work.

split DVD by chapters on Mac - ripping

After several minutes, the ripping is done. You can find the ripped file contains a few separated chapters, and you can select the specific chapters as you want.

The whole process of operation is quite simple, and try to split DVD by chapters on Mac by yourself. This guide will lead you to your desirable ripping outcome and you may feel more joy of dealing with a DVD when you have the help from Magic DVD Ripper for Mac.

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