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How to Select Magic Mac DVD Copier Copy Mode?

Magic Mac DVD Copier offers different copy modes and users can select copy mode when they try to copy their DVDs. If you are still confused about this title, passages below will tell you the differences between copy modes and how to select them in the process of copying discs.

First of all, if you don’t have Magic Mac DVD Copier on your Mac, you can free download Magic Mac DVD Copier from official website and install the program. Then you insert the DVD you want to copy, program will load the DVD information automatically. Remember you should select the “Copy to Local Disk” item on top bar if you want to copy the DVD to Mac drive (The “Burn DVD” besides is for burning DVD to another blank DVD disc). You also choose the target folder you want to store the copied file. Now you come across the two options for copy modes.

Copy Full Disc

Full Disc copy mode means you can copy the entire DVD movie including menus, trailers and special features, etc. in 1:1 mode. You can use this mode to copy a DVD movie to your Mac drive, or burn the DVD to a blank DVD disc without any loss in quality. If your DVD movie is much larger than 4.7GB, selecting this movie will help you shrink all original content to fit on a 4.7GB blank DVD. It will lose some quality in video effect, but the quality is still good.

Select the “Full Disc” option as shown below, and you can also unfold the “Settings” to make some specific changes on copy process. When all the settings are done, you just hit “Start”, Magic Mac DVD Copier will start copying the full disc to local drive on your Mac.

select copy mode - copy full disc

Copy Main Movie

Main Movie copy mode will help you copy the main movie of a DVD and omit all other additional content, such as menus, trailers and special features. You can use this mode to get just the main movie out of a DVD. If the main movie of DVD is larger than 4.7GB, selecting this mode can compress the main movie only to fit on a 4.7GB disc. If you want to keep the quality as good as possible, you can compress main movie only.

In this way, you should mark the “Main Movie” option like the following illustration. Surely, program also allows you to customize your copy work by make changes in the “Copying” column of “Settings”. Then, you hit “Start” to let DVD Copier do the job for you. Just a few minutes later, the Copier will copy the main movie only to the local drive in perfect quality.

select copy mode - copy main movie

Try using Magic Mac DVD Copier to copy your DVD in different copy mode, you will find copying DVD for watching or backup is so easily and freely. If you want to learn more about the features of Magic Mac DVD Copier, you can visit http://mac.magicdvdripper.com/dvdcopier-features.htm

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