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Are You Going to Rip The Grey DVD on Mac

Since May 15, The Grey has been released on DVD. It's a 2012 American thriller film that deserves our attention and respect. You may have not watched it yet, and can't decide whether to rip The Grey DVD on Mac or not, then just move on to read more about this movie.

Based on the short story Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with the director Joe Carnahan, The Grey tells us a story in which John Ottway ( Liam Neeson ) leads six oil-rig roughnecks to escape from the wolves' hunt and survive in the icy elements.

The snow storms appeared in the movie are actual scenes of prevailing weather conditions, not a cinematic illusion produced by computer, which means the cast were enduring extreme hardship when the movie was shot, as Liam Neeson said, the temperatures were as low as -40℃ when they were in Smithers ( British Columbia ). Therefore, viewers all deeply respect and admire the devotion of the cast.

The wolves in the movie are real ones combined with animatronic and CGI wolves, so the scenes are very tense and make people feel at the edge of the chair when watching the movie. Facing wolves as well as the harsh weather, what kind of reaction and spirit will human beings show? This movie gives us an answer and it digs out the very true inner spirits of human, touching the deep thoughts such as faith, morality and existence.

want to rip The Grey DVD on Mac

Knowing so great the movie is, you may decide to rip The Grey DVD on Mac, so Magic DVD Ripper for Mac ( Win users need to download the Win version ) is here given to you. You just free download the program and install it, then follow the instructions below to rip the movie.

1. Launch the program and insert The Grey DVD.
2. Select the title you want to rip, specifying some detailed features such as file name and subtitle. If the program failed to import the DVD file at first, you just hit the "Refresh" button, or hit "Open" to choose the file manually.
3. Select a proper profile and if you want to modify the profile, hit the gear button beside to set the specifics.
4. Set your preferred destination folder to save the ripped file, and choose a split mode as your want.
5. Start to rip The Grey DVD by hitting the big button at the lower right corner.

Through this method, you can rip The Grey DVD on Mac in the best quality with no DVD restriction, and you can also view it on different devices since Magic DVD Ripper for Mac offers you various formats. Besides, if you want to copy The Grey DVD onto another recordable disc, you can choose to backup The Grey DVD on Mac with Magic DVD Copier for Mac ( Win users download here ). Here is a guide on How to use Magic DVD Copier for Mac to copy and burn DVD for your reference.

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