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How to Rip a Protected DVD on Mac and Keep the Subtitles?

DVD ripping or watching problems sometimes baffle people who use Mac. Actually all things can be very easy as long as Mac users get a decent tool for dealing with their DVD on Mac.Why some DVDs cannot be ripped or played on Mac? What could we do to rip protected DVD on Mac and keep the subtitles? Let’s talk about this issue and give the best solution in the following paragraphs.

DVD has all kinds of protection to prevent it from being illegally copied or sold, but when we get a DVD, it’s very necessary to do a backup for the DVD, or sometimes convert the format to support playing on portable devices, the DVD protection becomes an obstacle for us to deal with it on Mac. Nevertheless, there are some applications especially developed for DVD ripping on Mac, and Magic Mac DVD Ripper is a best choice in this group.

Therefore, you firstly download Magic Mac DVD Ripper from official website and install it on your Mac. Connect a external drive to your Mac and insert the DVD disc you want to rip. Program will automatically load the disc information. If there is multiple titles, you can click to show all the titles, otherwise the program just show the longest title by default.

Find the “Subtitle” box, the default setting is “No Subtitle”. If you want to select a subtitle in certain language, you can check the one you want in the pull-down list besides. Then you can choose a media format as the profile of ripped file, nearly all formats are supported. You can also find the option for iPad, iPhone or other portable devices.

rip protected DVD on Mac and keep the subtitles

Set the Destination folder for the ripped file. If you want more specifics, the split mode and the profile itself can be changed or customized. When all these settings are finished, you can start ripping the DVD. Just Click the start arrow button and wait a few minutes, the DVD will be ripped to the specified format with the selected subtitle in perfect quality.

Magic Mac DVD Ripper is such a powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripping tool. It can maintain the original quality of DVD and also allow users to do certain customization by their preference, such as adding subtitle, change file size, specify ripping mode, etc.. Mac users can use this application to rip or convert their DVD on Mac for backup or watching on various devices. If you want to learn more about this strong software, you can go to http://mac.magicdvdripper.com/dvdripper-support.htm for more information.

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