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How to Rip Insanity DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod with a Mac ripper

Want to watch Insanity DVD on iPad, iPhone or iPod but don't know what to do? Actually you can use a powerful tool to help you rip Insanity DVD on Mac and then play the file on your iPad/iPhone/iPod or many other devices.

how to rip Insanity DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod on Mac

Let's see how to realize your goal step by step. Firstly you should download Magic DVD Ripper for Mac ( Windows users can download Win version here ), a reliable Mac ripper that can convert protected DVDs to various formats for viewing. Just install the program and launch it when you want to rip Insanity DVD, the successful ripping is already half done, as the old saying "Well begun is half done." goes, and the other half work to the success depends on the following operation on the program.


1.Insert Insanity DVD into the drive.

2.You can see a main interface like the one below. If the DVD file hasn't been imported, hit "Refresh" or simply open folders to select the file yourself.

how to rip Insanity DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod with a Mac ripper

3.Select the title you want to rip, and specify some details such as audio, subtitle and filename.

4.In the "Profile" field, you can find iPad/iPhone/iPod profile from the drop-down list, select a certain profile, e.g. iPad, and if you have some special requirements toward the ripping profile, just hit the gear button beside to modify the profile in such a window below.

how to rip Insanity DVD on Mac - modify profile

5.Set the destination folder to save the ripped file, and you can also choose a split mode according to your wish.

6.Hit the biggest button at the lower right corner of the main interface to begin.

By following the above steps, you can for sure rip Insanity DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod on Mac with ease, and in fact, you can choose some other devices for viewing DVD because Magic DVD Ripper for Mac provides you with multiple profiles for different formats, just as the first screen shot above shows, so in other words, with this program you can enjoy watching Insanity DVD in high quality anywhere and anytime.

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