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How to Rip Forced Subtitles only from DVD on Mac?

Subtitles are very common in DVD, but have you heard of forced subtitles before? Read through this article, you will at once realize what forced subtitle is and if you want to know how to rip forced subtitles only on Mac from DVD, you can also find a through tutorial below.

What is Forced Subtitles

Forced subtitle is the subtitle appearing on screen when the characters speak a foreign or alien language, or there is a sign, location, or other text in a scene which needs to be explained but cannot be translated in the localization or dubbing. For example, in a scene of DVD movie, there appears Navi (aborigines) speeches, and translation to these speeches will show in the forced subtitles on the screen.

This kind of subtitle is not a main part of subtitles, but they are very important to the complete understanding of movies or TV series. Sometimes you don’t need subtitles shown on screen but you can’t miss the forced subtitles which can affect your understanding to the movie, so you decide to only rip forced subtitles from DVD on Mac. We here offer you a tutorial on this topic.

How to Rip Forced Subtitles only from DVD on Mac

rip forced subtitles only on Mac from DVD

Step 1 Free download Magic Mac DVD Ripper from official website and install the program.
Step 2 Open the program and insert the DVD disc that you want to rip forced subtitles only. Program will load the disc information automatically.
Step 3 Check the titles you want to rip. In “Subtitle” list, choose “No Subtitle” option.
Step 4 Do some other settings such as media format that you want to have in outcome, split mode, etc., among which you should remember to set the target destination for ripped file.
Step 5 When all the setting is done, simply hit the “Start” arrow to let the ripping process begins.

Use Magic Mac DVD Ripper and follow the instructions above, you can successfully rip your DVD with only forced subtitles in it. You can watch your movie or TV series in perfect quality on Mac or other devices as you like. If you want to do this ripping on computers with Windows, please go to What is Forced Subtitle and How to Rip Forced Subtitles only from DVD? for the details.

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