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How to Rip a Specified DVD Clip with Magic DVD Ripper for Mac

You may already know how to rip a whole DVD on Mac with a DVD tool, but this kind of ripping is quite time-consuming and also costs much space of the hard drive. Since sometimes you are only attracted by a certain part or some particular moments of a DVD, it is absolutely a good idea to rip a specified DVD clip on Mac. Backup or view your DVD in the most efficient way, doesn't it sound wonderful?

The following passages of this article is a detailed guide to help you successfully rip the wanted clip from a DVD on Mac, and to achieve this objective, you need the assistance from Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, just free download and install it onto Mac, then you can start your ripping work according to the steps below.

1. Launch Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, and insert the DVD containing the specified clip.
2. You can see a main interface like the one below. If the program failed to detect the DVD file at the first moment, just hit "Refresh" button or simply use the "Open" to select source file manually.
3. Remember to tick the check-box in front of the corresponding title, otherwise the program can't start ripping at last.

rip a specified clip on Mac - starting up the program

4. After choosing a certain title, you just hit "Clip Video" to select the specified clip, namely, set the "Start Time" and "End Time" of the clip. You can either move the downward arrow marks at the two sides of the bold time line, or type the specific numbers in the time boxes below ( You should give a final hit on the little clock in the middle, otherwise the time setting can't be changed. ) You can take the screen shot below as a reference, the blue part of the bold line is just the clip you customize to rip. When the setting about clip is finished, hit the button "Confirm" to go back to main interface.

rip a specified DVD clip on Mac - setting the start and end time of the clip

Note: if you are not quite clear about the start or end time of your wanted clip, you can view it beforehand, and the "Preview" button, which is beside "Clip Video", allows you to find or check the specific time period.

5. Choose a proper profile for your clip. If you intend to watch the clip on Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. "mp4" is a common choice for the profile. Surely, you can also alter some other specifics such as subtitle and split mode according to your wish.

rip a specified DVD clip on Mac - setting more specifics

6. Remember to set a clear filename and choose a proper destination folder. By now the setting is done, and you just hit the biggest button at the lower right corner of the main interface to let the program work.

rip a specified DVD clip on Mac - ripping the clip

The above is a thorough introduction on how to rip a specified DVD clip on Mac with Magic DVD Ripper for Mac. Just have a try and get some joy of clipping your favourite DVD as you want.

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