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How to Register Magic Mac DVD Ripper

After you purchase Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, an email with registration code will be sent your mailbox in a few minutes. If you can not find the email, maybe that email was spammed or blocked by your email server. Please check your Spam box or send an email to mac@magicdvdripper.com. Here is a simple about Magic Mac DVD Ripper Registration for you to activate or register Magic Mac DVD Ripper program successfully in a few steps.

1. Download Magic Mac DVD Ripper from http://mac.magicdvdripper.com/dvdripper.htm. You can easily find download magic dvd ripper for mac option, click it to get the setup file. Then install it to your Mac.

Note: Please make sure the downloaded program is the latest version for your OS and the same to the product you have purchased. Be sure the Internet connection is fine with your computer.

2. Run Magic Mac DVD Ripper, the registration box will pop up.

download magic dvd ripper for mac

You can also find Register button on the interface.

download magic dvd ripper for mac

3. Click Register. Then copy the user name and license code strings, and paste them to the key box to activate your Magic Mac DVD Ripper.

download magic dvd ripper for mac

Note: Our user name is case sensitive. Be sure there is no space on the left or right when you copy or paste the code strings. We strongly recommend you copy/paste(Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) them to avoid typing errors and not to enter the characters manually.

Just in a few seconds, you can active your trail version and rip DVD movies onto your Mac. If you do not have a license, please try Magic Mac DVD Ripper for free. You have try 5 times. If you want to register Magic Mac DVD Copier, please refer to How to Register Magic Mac DVD Copier.

· If you fail to register Magic Mac DVD Ripper, please first make sure you have installed the right product "Magic DVD Ripper for Mac", not “Copier” or Windows version. Please make sure your anti-virus or firewall software doesn't block our download process, we suggest you add this program to their white list.

· If your problem persists, please send an email to mac@magicdvdripper.com with a screenshot in which you put in your registration code. You can capture the screenshot by pressing "Command+Shift+3" on your keyboard and it will be saved to your desktop by default. Then you can attach it to us.

· If you lose the license, please send an email to our support team support@bluerayripper.com. We will re-send the license code to you. If you’ve changed your email address, please remember to provide the email address you used for this order or order ID.

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