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How to Preview DVD Title and Select a Clip to Rip on Mac?

DVD ripping is very common, and sometimes we don’t want to rip the whole DVD while just want a part of it, how could we achieve this? This article is going to tell you the best method to preview DVD title and select Clip to rip on Mac. The whole process is fast and stable, without any trouble.

First of all, you should get one powerful DVD ripping tool. Even the cleverest housewife cannot cook a meal without food and vegetables. You can free download Magic Mac DVD Ripper from official website and install it on your Mac. Insert the DVD disc you want to deal to your Mac drive.

Preview DVD Titles

Open Magic Mac DVD Ripper, program will load the disc information automatically. If the disc contains multiple titles, you can hit the “Click to show all titles” to view a title list, check the title you wan to preview or rip. You can find there is is a “Preview” option beneath the selected title information, just click the button, and you can see the preview of the title.

preview DVD title and Select a clip to rip

Select a Clip to Rip

Magic Mac DVD Ripper allows users to crop a clip from DVD. You just hit the “Clip Video” button beside “Preview”, and in the pop-up window, you can select the start and end of the clip you want by sliding the time line. You can also check the video content in the previewer above. Don’t forget to hit “Confirm” button after you select the clip.

select DVD clip

Then the program will be back to main interface, you need to specify the profile and destination for the clip, and you can also set split mode as you want. When all the settings are done, you hit the start arrow button. Program begins to rip the clip you just specified to the format you need.


rip a specified DVD clip on Mac - ripping the clip


This is the whole process of ripping a clip from DVD, very fast and stable. At last you will get a clip file in the same quality with the original DVD. Magic Mac DVD Ripper is a very helpful tool when we backup or watch DVD.Try it and experience the fun!

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