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How to use Magic DVD Ripper for Mac to rip DVD to Mac

Magic DVD Ripper for Mac is a tool for any Mac users to rip their DVDs even protected DVD to make a backup on other places. In order to clarify the features of this program, we launch this help article to make initial users familiarized this program more faster and get started to rip DVD Disc on Mac by using this ripper more easily.

1. Free download Magic DVD Ripper for mac and install it.Then you can see the following interface. Our program will read the DVD disc automatically after you inserted it. While for a DVD on hard disk, you just need to click the "Open" button and choose “VIDEO_TS” folder to load the files. In this process, you don't worry about whether you are familiar with DVD knowledge. The Magic DVD Ripper support ripping any kind of DVDs including the protected DVDs. Therefore, just go on taking an tour of these features.

the interface of Magic DVD Ripper for mac

2. The interface of Magic DVD Ripper.

After you have loaded the DVD files, you can see the software interface as the below picture. On the interface, it displays the general attribute of the DVD, including the title and duration, DVD format, Aspect ratio, chapters, audio and subtitles, filename, etc. If you don not want to personalized the output of video, you can choose the output format or devices from the Profile drop-down item, and set the destination path. Then click the play button to rip DVD.

the attribute information of the loaded DVD

3. Advanced Settings.

A. Split Mode:

In order to customize the output of video, you can do some advanced settings. For example, the Split Mode, you can set by three modes. The default infinite mode, or split by the Chapters of DVD, or set the split size of what you want through the custom options.

The split modes for the customized video of output

B. Clip Feature:

Another powerful feature of this software is to clip video by setting the start and end time. Click the Clip Video button to enter the pop-up widow to set this options.

Click clip mode to clip DVD by setting the start and end time.

Click clip mode to clip DVD by setting the start and end time.

C. Preview:

If you want to preview the video when ripping DVD, you can click the Preview button to view it.

4. Select other title(s) to rip:

By default, our program will only list the longest title which is usually the main movie title. And TV show usually has multiple main titles, so if you want to check other title(s) to rip, please use "click to show all titles." button.

Select the titles of DVD to rip.

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