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Is Free Mac DVD Copy Software Really Good?

When Mac users want to copy their DVD to Mac hard drive or another blank disc, they tend to search on Internet and find some good free software to help them, but is free Mac DVD copy software really good enough to do a satisfactory job? Here we list several elements so you can better know about this topic.


Free Mac DVD copy software can copy some DVD to Mac hard drive, but the function is very limited, you cannot expect a free tool which is good in all the tasks such as ripping, compressing and burning, while more professional DVD copiers such as Magic Mac DVD Copier can well combine these sections together, which means users can easily burn DVD movie to another blank DVD disc without need any third-party program.

Meanwhile, many free Mac DVD copy software has no updates anymore. Therefore, when they meet many newly-released DVDs, they just fail to do the copy task. Only when software is updated frequently, can they meet the standard of new trend, and Mac DVD copy software is no exception.

free Mac DVD copy software - good or not


Another problem caused by lack of update is the performance of free Mac DVD copy software will be very unstable. There is crash happening in the process of copying, and you have to figure out what happened or tried another method. A lot of time is wasted and you will feel more or less frustrated for your DVD cannot be copied smoothly. Therefore, you can’t rely on free Mac DVD copy software to do the DVD backup on your Mac. Once or twice, it works well but in the long run, you will meet this or that issue making the DVD copy work rather awful to you. Moreover, because it is freeware, the customer support is also very limited, you may get no answer or solution when you come across some issues.


Web environment is very complicated. Free software sometimes becomes the target to adware, spyware and virus, so downloading the free Mac DVD copy software can be potentially dangerous. If users are careless and unlucky, they will have unexpected loss for using the free Mac DVD copy software.

Considering the above elements, you will find the free Mac DVD copy software is not a good choice for you if you want to deal with your DVD on Mac with no worry or concern. Try using some shareware, most of which also give free trials, you can find the true value of these programs. If you are searching decent Mac DVD copy software, you can download Magic Mac DVD Copier and free try it yourself. If you have more problems about DVD ripping or copying on Mac, you can refer to http://mac.magicdvdripper.com/support.htm for more suggestions or tutorials.

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