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How to Rip or Convert DVD to MP4 on Mac?

DVD conversion is very necessary in our backup or viewing of DVD. We all know there are a few media formats, supported by different media players. MP4 is a most popular format and required by iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc. so many users want to convert DVD to MP4 and they can watch the great movies or TV series on the go. Firstly we take a look at these two formats.

DVD is a digital optical disc storage format which can be played in many types of players, while as a disc, it cannot be played in many portable devices, needless to say, there are lots of protections as well as region codes, making the playback of DVD more restricted. Meanwhile, DVD files have large size, and not easy for movie lovers to make a big collection, so people need a more widely-used and more efficient format to collect or watch their movies or TV series contained in DVDs.

MP4 as a format very nicely solves the above problems, it has no large size, but maintains high quality regarding the video and audio compared with many other formats. Therefore, MP4 is widely used in all kinds of devices especially portable ones. With watching on iPhone or iPad becoming more and more popular, there is a large demand for ripping DVD to MP4. Then, if we use Mac, how could we accomplish this job? Let’s read the tutorial below.

ripping DVD to MP4 on Mac

Step 1 Download Magic Mac DVD Ripper and install it on your Mac. In your Mac drive, insert the DVD you want to convert.

Step 2 After program automatically load the disc information, you can select the title you want to rip (click to show all the titles if there are multiple ones), and add a subtitle to the ripped file and give the file a proper name.

Step 3 Find the “Profile” tab, in the drop-down list, you can select the MP4 format. Note that there are two options denoting high quality or normal quality. You can also hit the button next to the list for changing specifics of the profile, such as resolution, video bitrate, etc.

Step 4 Set the destination folder for the outcome. You can also change the split mode if you want.

Step 5 Click the Start button, program starts ripping the DVD to MP4 file. Just in a few minutes, you can enjoy the MP4 file with awesome quality on your portable devices.

By following the above steps, ripping or converting DVD to MP4 will never be any obstacle to you. Magic Mac DVD Ripper gives users the most powerful support on DVD ripping and conversion, only requiring some mouse clicks. You can enjoy DVD movies or TV series on portable devices and get the perfect audiovisual experience.

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