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What's the best way to deal with DVD backup for Mac?

It's just too late to feel sorry when your DVD cannot be played due to over-scratching, so in order to save some important DVDs well, DVD backup becomes an indispensable step in using DVDs. In this article, we generally discuss some ways to deal with DVD backup for Mac, and then find out the best way to backup DVDs on Mac.

The first way is what the most people will think of at once, namely, to copy the DVD file onto the hard disk of your Mac directly. Once in a while, some DVDs with no protection at all can allow you to do so. However, in most cases, this method of DVD backup for Mac will be useless, because most of the DVDs are region locked and have various restriction such as CSS, RCE etc.

Certainly, if the DVD has only restriction of region code, you can change the region of drive on your Mac to play DVDs, but the operation tends to be very complicated.Some clever users add an external drive whose region has been changed by connecting to PC, but this change can be done 5 times at most. That means you cannot always rely on this method, for there are basically 6 regions to be chosen and the limit of 5 times will be easily touched.

The other biggest problem to copy DVD on Mac is that the copied DVD files may not be played on portable devices such as iPhone or iPad due to the format issues. You need to convert the DVD to the format supported by Apple products, which sounds really troublesome.

Therefore, the best way to deal with DVD backup for Mac is giving yourself a ripping software like Magic DVD Ripper for Mac. This program can convert DVDs to different kinds of formats and automatically remove all basic restrictions of DVDs. You don't need to change the region of your Mac. Neither do you worry about the compatibility of DVD formats. Magic DVD Ripper can do a perfect backup just by your several clicks in the interface like the one below.

deal with DVD backup for Mac in such a window

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