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How to Copy DVD Movies to Mac Laptop Hard Drive from DVD DisK

Are you still feel confused about the DVD movies' backup on Mac? If so, try to free yourself from the trouble of copying DVD movies to Mac hard drive from reading the following guide right now.

Basically, there are two methods for you to choose when you need to copy DVD movies to Mac. If you only want to clone the original DVD movie and get a nice copy, it's better to follow the Method A, but if you plan to watch the movie on other popular devices, namely, have different formats of the movie copy, then you should do as the Method B tells.

Method A

copy DVD movies to Mac with Magic DVD Copier for Mac - interface

You need to free download Magic DVD Copier for Mac and install the program firstly. Then, follow the steps listed below to finish copying.
1.Shut down other running decryption programs and launch Magic DVD Copier for Mac.
2.Insert the movie DVD and the program will automatically find the source file.
3.Switch to the highlighted button "Copy to Local Disk", and set the target directory as you want.
4.Select the copy mode. There are two modes for your selection. You can copy either the full disc or just the main movie excluding unwanted audio and subtitle.
5.For advanced settings, just unfold the window of "Settings" to deal with further options under the "Copying" tab.
6.Click the "Start" button to begin when all the settings are finished.

copy DVD movies to Mac hard drive with Magic DVD Copier for Mac - copying

Method B

copy DVD movies to Mac with Magic DVD Ripper for Mac - main interface

If you need to copy DVD movies in different formats, you need the help from Magic DVD Ripper for Mac ( click the link to free download the program ). Install the program and make sure that no other decryption programs are running, then finish the settings according to the following steps.
1.Launch the program and insert the DVD that you want to copy. ( If the program fails to load the DVD file automatically, click "Refresh" to reload the DVD source or hit the "Open" button to select the DVD directory. )
2.Tick the check-boxes to select the DVD Titles you need to copy.
3.Hit the arrow mark to choose a certain profile for your movie copy in the drop-down list. In addition, you can always hit the gear mark to further modify the features of the converted file ( The screen shot below shows the interface when users customize profile ).
4.Set the destination directory and split mode.
5.Hit the big arrow button to start.

copy DVD movies to Mac hard drive with Magic DVD Ripper for Mac - customize profile

The above two methods are both very feasible and convenient. You can just choose either one accordingly. Method A allows you to copy DVD movies to Mac laptop hard drive from DVDs in the most efficient way, and you can also burn the DVD to another blank disk with Magic DVD Copier for Mac actually. Method B can support the watching on nearly all popular devices by the powerful conversion of Magic DVD Ripper for Mac. The movie quality has no loss at all and you can just have a try to get the amazing experience of DVD movies' backup on Mac.

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