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How to Copy or Burn Locke DVD on Mac?

Tom Hardy has once lifted his acting career by amazing performance in Locke, a thrilling British film won titles both from 70th Venice International Film Festival and 2014 Sundance Film Festival. This movie is written and directed by Steven Knight, who brings us a very compelling story in a unconventional expression. If you want to have a wonderful backup of this gorgeous movie, here we provide you the best method to copy or burn Locke DVD on Mac. Follow the tutorial below, you will very easily do a perfect backup for the DVD movie you love.

copy or burn Locke DVD on Mac

You need to first download Magic Mac DVD Copier from official website. Install the program, check if it is the latest version. Then copy or burn Locke DVD according to the following steps.

Step 1 Insert Locke DVD to your Mac drive. Program will automatically load the disc information.

Step 2 Choose the tab on top line. If you want to copy Locke DVD to Mac hard drive, select the second “Copy to Local Disk” option; if you want to burn Locke DVD to another blank disc, you should hit the first tab, namely, “Burn DVD”.

Step 3 Set the destination folder for the copied file.

Step 4 Select the copy mode, “Full Disc” mode means Copier will copy the whole DVD including main movie and other extras.

Step 5 Hit the Start button. If you select the copy tab, then all the operation is finished, you can just wait to see the copied file on you Mac, but if you choose to burn Locke DVD, after several minutes, program will remind you of taking Locke DVD out and inserting a blank DVD disc where Copier will burn the ripped file.

Follow the instructions, the whole process is just simple and reliable. Make a perfect backup for Locke DVD and you can add a classic to your movie collection, time to time review the movie and Tom Hardy’s stunning performance. If you wan to use Magic DVD Copier to copy or burn Loced DVD on Windows, you may get ideas from How to Copy or Burn Locke DVD for Backup?

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