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How to Clone DVD on Mac

DVD damage like scratches may cause DVD to be incapable of playback. For some movies or TV series, this situation must be some kind of disaster, so DVD backup is very indispensable to DVD watching or collection. Magic DVD Ripper&Copier always provide perfect solutions to users, and it can also help us clone DVD on Mac with just several simple clicks.

As we know, DVD has various protection mechanism to prevent the disc being pirated for sale, but it also cause large difficulty when we try to watch DVD we bought, or try to make a copy for our favorite movie in case the disc was worn out someday. DVD ripping or copying software is just born for this awkward situation, and Magic Mac DVD Ripper&Copier is professionally developed for the Mac platform, making Mac users feel no trouble when they backup commercial DVDs.

Here we list two methods of cloning DVD on Mac, one is using Magic Mac DVD Ripper to rip the DVD and the other is using Magic Mac DVD Copier to copy or burn the disc.

Clone DVD by Magic Mac DVD Ripper

clone DVD by Magic Mac DVD Ripper

Step 1 Download Magic Mac DVD Ripper and install it on your Mac.
Step 2 Insert the DVD disc into drive and open up the program, Ripper just automatically loads the disc information.
Step 3 Select the Title you want to rip for backup or conversion. Click to view all the titles if there are multiple titles.
Step 4 Magic Mac DVD Ripper allows users to convert the media format for the DVD ripping, so you can hit the drop-down list and find a proper format as you like.

rip DVD to another format on Mac

Step 5 Set a few other features. You can add the subtitle, or specify the split mode. Don’t forget setting the destination folder for the ripped file. Then hit the Start button and make program do the work.

Clone DVD by Magic Mac DVD Copier

clone DVD by Magic Mac DVD Copier

Step 1 Download Magic Mac DVD Copier and install the program on your Mac.
Step 2 Insert your DVD disc into drive and open up Copier, program just loads the disc information automatically.
Step 3 Select one function as either “Burn DVD” or “Copy to Local Disk”. “Burn DVD” can allows you to burn the DVD to a blank disc.
Step 4 Select copy mode. You can copy the Full Disc which includes extras, or just the Main Movie.
Step 5 Do some personal settings accordingly. Remember to set a proper Target folder as the destination for the outcome. Then click Start button, and wait to see the magic.

If you choose to burn you DVD to another disc, the program will remind you of taking the DVD out and inserting a blank disc, after this action, the program will prepare for a while and continue its work, namely, burning the ripped file to the blank disc.

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