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How to Burn Orphan Black: Season 2 DVD on Mac?

The Canadian science fiction TV series, Orphan Black, is a big success and attracts large amounts of audiences. With high expectation, we now finally have the Season 2 DVD. When mac users get this long-awaited DVD, they very likely have the wish to burn Orphan Black: Season 2 DVD for backup. Therefore, it is important to find an awesome tool and the backup will be easily achieved.

burn Orphan Black Season 2 DVD on Mac

Firstly, we introduce you a useful tool --- Magic Mac DVD Copier. It is a powerful program which allows you to copy DVD even protected DVDs to Mac hard drive or a new blank disc. As we know, in many occasions DVD can't be played or copied is just due to its disc protection. Magic Mac DVD Copier can perfectly solve this issue, so you can use this program to backup any kind of DVD on Mac, copying the DVD movie to hard drive or a blank disc for personal use. No additional program or plug-ins are required.

Now let’s see how we can successfully burn Orphan Black: Season 2 DVD on Mac.

Step 1 Download Magic Mac DVD Copier from official website and install it on Mac.

Step 2 Launch Magic Mac DVD Copier and insert the Orphan Black Season 2 DVD, program will automatically load the disc.

Step 3 Choose the "Burn DVD" button, the program will set your burner as the target drive automatically. Then, you can choose the copy mode "Full Disc" or "Main Movie and click "Settings" to change the default settings for burning.

burn Skyfall DVD with Mac

Step 4 Click "Start" button to rip Orphan Black Season 2 DVD.

Step 5 When the ripping is done, the disc will be ejected and you need to insert a new blank disc into the DVD burner driver.

burn Skyfall DVD with Mac2

Step 6 After the blank disc has been inserted, program will make preparation and then start burning the ripped file to the blank disc automatically.

burn Skyfall DVD with Mac3

Follow the above steps, you can very easily burn the Orphan Black DVD or any other movie DVDs to local drive or blank discs with no loss in quality. Magic Mac DVD Copier is definitely a great tool for Mac users to deal with DVD backup. While if you require the DVD format to be changed, you can refer to How to Convert Orphan Black: Season 2 DVD to other formats on Mac.

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