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How to Burn a DVD with One Drive

You have a Mac and a drive with the recording function, how can you burn your favourite DVD to another disc? If this bothers you, spend some minutes to read over the following guide, then you will be very clear about what to do when trying to burn a DVD with one drive. Actually, you just need a helpful tool to assist you in the burning task.

Magic DVD Copier for Mac ( Win users need to download here ) is just such a wonderful tool, hit the link to free download the program and then install it. In order to run the program well and get the most updated decryption files of new protected DVDs, we suggest you shut down other decryption programs to avoid software conflict and check your Internet connection.

After the above preparation, you can launch Magic DVD Copier for Mac and insert the source DVD, then finish the setting according the steps below.

Step 1: Under the first tab "Burn DVD", you can see a main interface like the one below. Check the source and target directory that automatically detected by the program. Surely, you can always hit "Browser ..." to set a specific source file manually, and the two drop-down lists of "Source" and "Target" can also be selected.

burn a DVD with one drive - main interface

Step 2: Choose your wanted burning mode as "Full Disc" or "Main Movie".

Step 3: In the "Settings" menu, you can alter some specifics. The three tabs give users many options about the copying or burning task.

Step 4: Hit "Start" and the program begins ripping the DVD file.

burn a DVD with one drive - ripping DVD file

After several minutes, when the program finishes ripping, it will show such a pop-up window and the drive will eject the source DVD automatically.

burn a DVD with one drive - insert a recordable disc

Step 5: Take out the source DVD and insert a recordable disc into the same drive used just now.

The program will prepare for a little while and then begin burning the ripped file onto the recordable disc.

burn a DVD with one drive - burning ripped file onto a disc

Thus, the whole process of burning a DVD is over, and you can check the result by playing your own-made DVD. We believe that you will be satisfied with the quality of the burned disc, and since the operation is very simple, it's just a joy to burn a DVD with one single drive. You may have a try and make some wonderful DVD backups at once.

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