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How to backup The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD on Mac?

On August 26, the fourth season of the hot AMC’s television series The Walking Dead finally comes to us in DVD. This season consists of 16 episodes, premiered on October 13, 2013 and concluded on March 30, 2014. For people who loves this series, this is definitely a valuable set of DVD to include in their collection, and if you use Mac computer, you may wonder how to backup The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD on Mac. This is exactly what we will talk about in this tutorial below.

backup The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD on Mac

Why you fail to copy or burn this DVD on Mac? You may have already tried the backup process before you read this article, but the result is not satisfying. That is because you lack a powerful and stable tool to help you. Magic Mac DVD Copier, is a famous professional tool for DVD copy and burning. With more than ten years’ experience in the DVD backup field, it can give the strongest support to Mac users when they want to deal with DVDs on Mac.

As you know, commercial DVD usually contains various kinds of protection mechanisms to prevent being pirated for profits, but it is really a big obstacle when we want to backup the DVD for personal use and storage. With software like Magic Mac DVD Copier, you can easily solve the protection issue and freely backup The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD by either copying the DVD to Mac hard drive or burning the DVD to another blank disc.

How to Copy/Burn The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD on Mac?

copy/burn DVD on Mac

Step 1 Free download Magic Mac DVD Copier from official website and install the program on your Mac.

Step 2 Open up the Copier and insert The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD to the drive. Program will automatically load the disc information.

Step 3 Choose the task mode on the top bar, either “burn the DVD to a blank DVD disc you prepare” or just “copy the DVD to Mac local drive”.

Step 4 Set the target folder and copy mode, “Full Disc” or “Main Movie”. Do other detail settings by unfold “Settings” list.

Step 5 Hit “Start” button and wait a few minutes, if you choose to burn the DVD, then the program will remind you of inserting the blank disc for burning the DVD, otherwise the program will finish copying and you can see the copied file in your Mac drive.

This is the simplest and best solution for copying/burning your DVD as you want. Apart from The Walking Dead series, you can backup more TV series or movies with just such a simple procedure.

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